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RP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems have become integral to modern business operations. Recognizing the importance of ERP adoption, SIGMA offers a specialized Technical consulting service called "ERP Selection and Planning.“ he ERP Selection and Planning service provided by SIGMA aims to ease the ERP adoption process for its customers. The service assists clients in selecting the right ERP system that aligns with their specific business needs and objectives. SIGMA's consultants work closely with clients to understand their unique requirements, industry-specific challenges, and future growth plans.

During the selection phase, SIGMA's consultants conduct a thorough analysis of the organization's existing processes, workflows, and systems. They collaborate with stakeholders to identify pain points, inefficiencies, and areas for improvement that an ERP system can address. Based on this assessment, SIGMA helps clients define their ERP system requirements and create a comprehensive Request for Proposal (RFP) document.

By leveraging the ERP Selection and Planning service, clients can streamline their ERP adoption process and ensure they select the most suitable system for their business. This enables organizations to enhance operational efficiency, improve data accuracy and visibility, and facilitate better decision-making across various departments.

SIGMA's consultants guide clients through the vendor selection process, leveraging their industry knowledge and expertise. They assist in evaluating potential ERP vendors, analyzing their capabilities, functionalities, implementation approaches, and support services.

Furthermore, SIGMA's consultants provide planning and implementation guidance to ensure a successful ERP adoption. They assist clients in creating an implementation roadmap, defining project timelines, and developing a change management strategy to facilitate a smooth transition to the new ERP system. SIGMA's consultants also provide support in data migration, system configuration, user training, and post-implementation evaluation.


Building IoT-based smart solutions is gaining traction across industries. Leveraging IoT use cases allows for the collection of vast amounts of data, which can be analyzed to provide valuable insights and assist in the decision-making process. SIGMA understands the significance of IoT and has extensive expertise in building IoT use cases to address clients' challenges and enhance overall business control.

SIGMA's understanding of IoT extends to various industries and their unique requirements. Their experienced consultants work closely with clients to identify specific challenges and opportunities where IoT can make a significant impact. By leveraging IoT technologies, SIGMA helps clients collect and analyze data from connected devices, sensors, and systems, enabling them to gain actionable insights and improve business control.

By partnering with SIGMA for IoT use case development, clients can harness the power of IoT technologies to improve business control, enhance operational efficiency, and gain a competitive advantage in their respective industries. SIGMA's extensive understanding of building IoT solutions and their commitment to addressing client challenges make them a valuable partner in IoT implementation journeys.

Once the IoT use cases are defined, SIGMA works with clients to design and implement the necessary infrastructure, connectivity, and data management solutions. This involves integrating IoT devices, developing data analytics capabilities, and ensuring seamless communication between devices and systems.

SIGMA's expertise in IoT use cases extends to data analytics, where they leverage big data technologies and analytics algorithms to derive meaningful insights from the collected data. By analyzing the data generated by IoT devices, clients can make informed decisions, optimize processes, identify patterns and trends, and improve overall business control.