Networking Consulting


SIGMA recognizes the importance of network design compliance with best practices in ensuring the highest level of availability and expandability. To assist clients in this regard, SIGMA offers a specialized service called "Network Assessment and Design Audit Consulting.“

Through a structured network assessment , the Network Assessment and Design Audit Consulting service aims to help clients ensure that their network design aligns with industry best practices and identify any potential design gaps that can be improved.

The service also include full network design and configuration documentation. Highly skilled consultants from SIGMA conduct a thorough assessment of the existing network design, evaluating its architecture, configuration, scalability, security measures, and overall performance.

During the audit process, SIGMA's consultants compare the current network design against established best practices and industry standards. They identify areas that may not meet the desired criteria or may have room for improvement. This includes evaluating factors such as network redundancy, fault tolerance, network segmentation, bandwidth utilizations, quality of service (QoS), and network management tools.


Throughout a typical network operations, configurations updates and changes can cause the network performance to derail from its high performance baseline. Since network performance and availability are crucial for smooth business operations. SIGMA acknowledges the significance of network optimization in maintaining a high-performance network. To assist clients in this aspect, SIGMA provides a specialized service called "Network Optimization Consulting”.

The Network Optimization Consulting service aims to help clients sustain a steady network performance by identifying areas for improvement and implementing optimization strategies. SIGMA's experienced consultants work closely with clients to understand their network infrastructure, requirements, and performance goals.

SIGMA's consultants provide guidance on the implementation of these recommendations, ensuring that network optimization measures are effectively executed. They may also assist in conducting performance testing and ongoing monitoring to ensure the sustained effectiveness of the optimization strategies.

During the consulting process, SIGMA's consultants conduct a comprehensive analysis of the network infrastructure, configurations, and traffic patterns. They identify potential bottlenecks, latency issues, or other factors that may be impacting network performance. Additionally, they assess the network against industry best practices and benchmarks to ensure optimal performance standards. Based on their findings, SIGMA's consultants develop tailored recommendations and strategies for network optimization. These may include fine-tuning network configurations, implementing Quality of Service (QoS) mechanisms, optimizing routing protocols, improving network security measures, or enhancing network monitoring and management capabilities.