Promoting Excellence, EMC and SIGMA's Strategic Partnership

The strategic partnerships often pave the way for innovation and progress. An example of such a partnership is the collaboration between EMC, a renowned market leader in storage and virtualization solutions, and SIGMA. This partnership has resulted in several remarkable achievements, underscoring their commitment to delivering excellence.

  • Service Supply Agreements: Empowering Excellence
    One of the cornerstones of this partnership is the establishment of service supply agreements between SIGMA and EMC in key markets, including Saudi Arabia and Qatar. These agreements empower SIGMA to provide professional services and outsourcing solutions to EMC clients, offering them top-tier expertise and support.

  • Preferred Partner Status: A Testament to Excellence
    The success that SIGMA has achieved in fulfilling these agreements has culminated in a prestigious designation: "Preferred Partner" for EMC services in both Saudi Arabia and Qatar. This coveted status is a testament to SIGMA's outstanding performance and unwavering dedication to delivering top-quality services.

  • EMC's Trust in SIGMA: A Sign of Strength
    The fact that EMC relies on SIGMA to serve as its preferred services partner in these critical countries speaks volumes about the substantial capabilities and unwavering commitment of SIGMA. This partnership underscores SIGMA's relentless focus on consistently providing the highest caliber of services to clients, benefiting not only EMC but also SIGMA's own clientele.

Together, EMC and SIGMA are positioned to continue delivering excellence and innovation in the realm of storage and virtualization solutions. This partnership not only benefits their organizations but also contributes to the advancement of technology solutions on a global scale.