Security Consulting


IT security and cybersecurity are of utmost importance for organizations in today's digital landscape. SIGMA recognizes this and offers its clients a specialized service called "Security Assessment and Audit Consulting."

The Security Assessment and Audit Consulting service provided by SIGMA aims to evaluate and enhance the security posture of organizations. Highly skilled consultants work closely with clients to assess their existing security measures, identify vulnerabilities, and recommend improvements to strengthen overall cybersecurity.

During the assessment and audit process, SIGMA's consultants conduct a comprehensive analysis of the organization's IT infrastructure, systems, and security protocols. They assess factors such as network security, access controls, data protection, incident response, and compliance with industry standards and regulations.

By leveraging the Security Assessment and Audit Consulting service, organizations can strengthen their cybersecurity defenses, mitigate risks, and protect their critical assets and data from potential threats. This proactive approach to security helps build trust, safeguard sensitive information, and maintain compliance with relevant regulations.

Based on the findings of the security assessment and audit, SIGMA's consultants provide tailored recommendations and strategies to address any identified security gaps or weaknesses. This may include implementing robust security controls, enhancing employee awareness and training, conducting regular security testing and vulnerability assessments, and establishing incident response plans.

SIGMA's consultants assist in the implementation and enforcement of the recommended security measures. They provide guidance on security best practices, help organizations adopt security frameworks and standards, and support the development of policies and procedures to ensure ongoing cybersecurity.


SIGMA offers Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking as part of its technical consulting services. This service is designed to help clients identify security vulnerabilities, holes, and gaps within their systems, networks, and applications, and recommend appropriate mitigations.

Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking involve simulated attacks on an organization's IT infrastructure to identify weaknesses that could potentially be exploited by malicious actors. SIGMA's experienced consultants, acting as ethical hackers, employ a systematic and controlled approach to identify vulnerabilities and assess the effectiveness of existing security measures.

During the testing process, SIGMA's consultants employ various techniques and tools to probe for vulnerabilities in systems, networks, and applications. This includes identifying misconfigurations, weak access controls, potential entry points, and other security weaknesses that could be exploited.

By leveraging SIGMA's Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking service, organizations can proactively identify and address security vulnerabilities, reducing the risk of unauthorized access, data breaches, and other cyber threats. This allows clients to strengthen their security posture and improve their overall resilience to potential attacks.

Based on the findings of ethical hacking activities, SIGMA's consultants provide detailed reports outlining the vulnerabilities discovered, their potential impact, and recommended mitigations. These recommendations may include implementing stronger access controls, patching vulnerabilities, improving network security, enhancing application security measures, and providing employee training on security best practices.

SIGMA's consultants ensure a thorough understanding of the vulnerabilities identified and assist in implementing the recommended mitigations. They provide guidance on prioritizing and addressing the vulnerabilities based on their potential impact and the client's risk appetite.